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Little Bitty Book Bytes

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The New Official Web Site for the epublisher Little Bitty Book Bytes.
Little Bitty Book Bytes publishes 3,000 – 5,000 word stories of different genres, currently focusing on thrillers, mysteries, romance, fantasy and humor. We are not seeking erotica or gratuitous violence. Also no poetry or children’s stories.

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Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be original, unpublished works. Please no partial novels. Your story should stand complete in the requested word count. We are seeking authors with strong character development, good plotting skills, strong technical skills, and the ability to engage the reader on an emotional level.  Manuscripts that do not strictly adhere to our guidelines and word counts will be returned or deleted unconsidered.

At this time, we are accepting email submissions to info@littlebittybookbytes.com. The subject line should contain the author’s last name and title of the book. Attachment files should contain the author’s last name and one prominent word in the title.

The email should contain:

·         Name (pseudonym if applicable)

·         Address

·         Phone Number

·         Email address

·         Author bio

·         Title with word count and a very brief synopsis of the story

The attached manuscript should be:

·         Saved in Word format (.doc) or (.rtf)

·         Times New Roman 12 pt. in black

·         Double spaced

·         1 inch margins on all sides

·         Header containing title, author name and page number

·         Align text left, do not justify

·         Show new paragraph by indenting (5 spaces). Do not add lines between paragraphs

·         Show scene breaks with *** centered on line between scenes

Manuscripts will be judged solely on style and originality, story, content, and technical structure.



Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: